Get Download Link for Google Chrome Standalone Setup

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the world right now, it is fast, secure and easy to use for non-experienced users. While it is easy to download and install the browser on your computer, the default installer Google provides is a stub installer. The stub installer is a small setup file which when executed will download the entire browser from the Google servers and install it to your computer. While it may not pose much problems for general users, it may pose some for users who have limited bandwidth or may want to use the installer on a system without any internet connection.

It is rather very easy to download the standalone/offline version of the Google Chrome installer from the official website. While many other websites do host the  offline installer on their servers, it does feel safe to download it from the official site itself.

To download the offline installer for Google Chrome all you need to do is is follow the below given url.

The above link will fetch the download for the latest Google Chrome offline installer at that moment.

If you are more interested in downloading other channels of Google Chrome, below is the link for their installers (NOT STANDALONE, as Google doesn’t provide offline installers for these channels).

Beta Channel:

Dev Channel:

Canary Channel: