Spice Up Your Google Mail With These Useful Features

GMail is the most used email service on the internet, at this current moment. Of course other mail clients are similar too but GMail gives a more home like feel as compared to its rivals. And it gives us the option of personalization.These personalization options really allows us to use GMail better.GMail Labs is the place where Google hosts all the experimental features that may or may not become a future feature for regular GMail users. If you would like to try out these options, these are available in the “Labs” sections under Settings. Some interesting features that are available on GMail Labs are as follows:- 

Enabling Picture In Chat:

Under labs there is an option called “Picture In Chat“, which as the name says will display your friend’s and your profile picture on the on the chat menu.

Green Robot Icon And Shifting The Chat List Position:

Other options include “Green Robot“. It displays the Android icon on the chat list showing which friend of yours is online by an android phone. “Right-Side Chat” alters the chat list position to the right side of your screen. It gives a comfortable feel as more space is available then.

SMS (text messaging) in Chat:

A very useful option that Gmail provides is sending texts on your friend’s phone using credits. These credits are 50 when you start, and they decrease one by one as you send a text. When your friend replies through his phone to your mail you’ll gain 5 credits. Maximum credits are 50.
There are many other options (around 30) in Gmail Labs which you can try out. Scroll through them and enable any which you want in your mail. Other things you can do are: 

Drag & Drop Photos:

When you’re sending a picture to a friend there is no need to click on insert images and selecting them, instead you can just drag and drop it. It’s easy as that.


Gmail allows you to choose many themes or upload one of your own photos. As seen in the picture above one can easily set a custom theme. To change the background go to settings and select themes. Then a new windows opens and one can select a ready made theme or upload one from the computer.

Bring Back Text Instead Of Icons:

Recently Gmail changed all its option’s buttons from text to icons, which makes it harder for some users to recognize which button is what. So if you want them to be normal again (As in text not icons) just go to settings, then General and scroll down to button labels then change the setting to text and click on save changes below. That’ll set them to display texts.

Gmail Tips & Tricks
Changing back from icons to texts

Automatically Save Attachments Into Your Favorite Drive Or Cloud Storage:

A plug-in called Attachments.me helps you in storing attachments from your mail directly to your favorite cloud storage.

Gmail Tips & TricksRight when you open your mail you’ll notice the same picture in the mail (If there’s any attachment) on the right side with an option below saying “Send To Drive”. When you click on it, it’ll ask on which drive the attachment is to be sent. When you select your desired drive it’ll become your default drive.

Open Links In The Mail Menu Itself:

Ever got tired of opening a new window and doing rest of the work there for links that sites provide for password changes, registration and other stuff? So here is Powerinbox. A plug-in which will let you see all the contents on your mail menu itself without needing to click on the links. The Chrome add-on also lets you to comment on Facebook Statuses, pictures and accepting requests.

Making Important Mails To Come At The Top Again:

Sometimes you don’t get the time to access a mail which is important and you leave it as unread. But then new mails come up and the mail you wanted to read goes out of sight and eventually you may forget it. Snooze Your Email will help you here. This plug-in sadly works only for Chrome. There is a Firefox version too but it’s not free. Snooze Your Email lets you to keep your mail on the top of all other mails at a given specific time so that you may access it when time follows.

Problem in enabling any of the above options? Leave us a comment.

Update: The Green robot icon does not work with the new Google hangout system.