2nd Album From Beady Eye Could Be The Best Liam Gallagher Has Ever Worked On

Beady Eye and Liam Gallagher began recording the follow up for their debut album Different Gear Still Speeding since November 2012. Following up on some interviews with Beady Eye, their front man Liam Gallagher stated that the album should have been made during the 90’s,i.e, after Oasis’ phenomenal album (What’s The Story?) Morning Glory.  He also said that he was unhappy with the sales of Different Gear Still Speeding because it’s the lowest as compared to any other Oasis’ album.

Scott Rodger of Quest management said that he’s really excited about the band’s forthcoming album. “It’s probably the most exciting record I’ve worked on for as long as I can remember,” Rodger said. He further said that it’s maybe the best album Liam has ever worked on. Now that’s a huge thing to hear. Can Beady Eye deliver something even more phenomenal than (What’s The Story?) Morning Glory? Dave Sitek is said to be the producer of the album.

During a concert in June 2012, Beady Eye played two Oasis’ songs (Morning Glory & Rock ‘N’ Roll Star respectively) and right after they played a new song entitled “World’s not set in stone” which is believed to be included in their follow up album.  The fans are having high expectations as Liam’s voice is back.

Beady Eye and Liam Gallagher

Beady Eye’s Front man Liam Gallagher During One Of His Beady Eye Concerts

Florence Welch from Florence And The Machine went to the recording studio and he listened to Liam Gallagher while he recorded his vocals and it sounded so good that Welch had no words to describe it.

The Album was released on 10th June 2013.